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Smarticle AB Develops Next-generation Cyber Security Products

Smarticle AB (https://smarticle.io) is a Swedish company specialized in data & network security software. We provide innovative privacy and security solutions for consumer and enterprise segment.

The first commercial service of Smarticle is FreyaVPN. FreyaVPN (https://www.freyavpn.com) is consumer VPN service which is built as Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. We are at startup phase of a SaaS business model. It will go to official commercial launch in Q1 2021. FreyaVPN will capitalize on commercial subscriptions from users around the world, including but not limited to entertainment content consumers, safe surfers and anonymity seekers.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission

FreyaVPN is on a mission to make internet security affordable and accessible worldwide — by sharing knowledge and expertise, and creating next-generation privacy solutions for everyone.

Our vision

We aim to become a global provider of cyber protection.

  • We protect all your internet data by deploying the strongest encryption available and powerful servers across the globe.

  • We do not keep any logs, track, collect or share your private data.

  • Up to 6 devices can be connected to internet safely and with ultra-fast speed.

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Services & Products Soon To Be Available

VPN app for Microsoft Windows

We are finalizing the development of the app for Windows.

VPN app for macOS

We are currently developing the app for macOS.

VPN app for Linux & FreeBSD

We are currently developing the app for Linux.

VPN app for Firefox/Chrome/Edge

We are currently developing the app for Microsoft Firefox/Chrome/Edge.


We are planning to develop Onion over VPN.

7/24 Support

Our customer support line soon will be up & running with 24/7 service.

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